Save Water. Save Money.



  • 2 year battery life
  • Ultra-long range sub-GHz wireless connection
  • Small, retrofit sensor easily attaches to the outside of pipes & fixtures
  • Gateway sends all data seamlessly to the dashboard via Wi-Fi


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Breakdown of water usage at each end point
  • Tailored suggestions for improvement
  • Alerts & notifications on the go


Low-cost + Retrofit Sensors

Easily snaps on to the outside of a pipe. Takes less than a minute to install and no professional plumbing required.

Real-time + Granular Insights

Know exactly where the water is being wasted. Is it in room A on the first floor or room B on the second floor?

Water + Cost Savings

Behavior change is real when you know the data! Besides that, leaks can be costly. Empower yourself to save more.


Jimit Shah


Nishant Garg


Gurgen Lachinyan

Dir. of Software

In these water scarce conditions, everyone is looking for ways to optimize their water use. We aim to eliminate water waste and bring sustainability, operational efficiency, and savings.

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Winner of Launch Festival 2016: Best Social Good Startup